GE Home Security - Fed up with the harassment.

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I know you'll claim it isn't you. But they use your name.

I am on the do not call registry. I block one number, and get calls from two other numbers in the same day. You may not care, but there are a lot of people pissed off at GE and the number is growing exponentially! I'm ready to join in on the first class action lawsuit I can find.

And I can live without GE products, so can millions of others like me.

If you are reading this and are about to ignore it, think about your job and where it will be without customers. Every pissed off person out there knows we can live without GE!

I didn't like: Harassment.

Ge home security - rude and unprofessional


Rec. several calls from GE home security even though I'm on the no call registry.

Each time, either they hang up or tell me supervisor is in meeting. Called the office in slc utah(located at the walker bldg 877-977-4131) spoke to Bryce and asked if this was ge home security, he said yes but they do not have an outbound call center yet told me that filing a complaint against them, they could sue me in court- idle threats. Never seems to amaze me when front line people are rude and wonder why they are later accused of being rude or crooks.

I would not work with this company even though GE has good products. Ps- if you talk with Bryce, be careful of what you say, he may SUE you hahahahahahahah

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